Simple Tips to Awaken Your Creative Juices.

Believe it or not, everybody has a creative element – the problem is, how does one tap into it and become more aware of their creative side. Want to learn how, follow these simple tips I have put together.

  1. Surround yourself with people of similar interest – hang out with writers, artists, dancers, etc. Being in a creative environment can motivate your creative juices to get going.
  2. Just start – many times the problem lies at the start, having the difficulty to start a creative project. Sometimes just start can lead you somewhere.
  3. Exposure – an important element. Exposure to different things and people can expand your knowledge vastly.
  4. Find your time – many times we are told to be productive in the morning, but truth is people operate differently. Find and stick to a time that helps you stay focused and motivated.
  5. Learn – learning is a never ending cycle. Always be open to learn.
  6. Be in-tune with reality – being in tune with the world can help inspire a creative idea.
  7. Take a break – this one is a no brainer. Sometimes taking a breather is essential.
  8. Find a new activity – sometimes exploring into a new venture can help bring your creative side out.
  9. Trial and error – being in the creative world is more trial and error. Do not be discouraged.
  10. Attitude – changing your attitude towards your look can greatly influence your perception positively.
  11. Build – many times creatives tend to have the same thoughts, and many times there a lot of ideas out there that could use some developing. Take advantage of the fact that there were people before you, and build on to that knowledge.
  12. Networking – meet new people. It takes one person to elevate you to the next level.
  13. Silence the noise – sometimes silencing the outside noise is crucial. This is a good time to trust your intuition more.
  14. Carry a camera – with just your smartphone, try and capture images that will not only challenge your perspective, but add onto your knowledge.
  15. Carry a diary – (or notes on your phone) the human brain is constantly running. Sometimes our creative juices start to flow when we are occupied. Writing down these ideas will save you a lot of time trying to remember.
  16. Muscle Memory – creativity is like a muscle memory. It is important to frequently practice your acquired skills.
  17. Jot down all your ideas!
  18. Give yourself a deadline or timeline to complete a certain project.
  19. Remove yourself from unwarranted situations and people who bring you stress.
  20. Don’t be too harsh on yourself – many times we are our best critiques, but we can also be our worst.
  21. Quit telling yourself that you are not a creative.
  22. Random experiments – you know those random projects you may have worked on that end up being fun and possibly one of your best works? Do that more often.
  23. Keep trying – don’t give up. An easy thing to say, but again, creativity is like trial and error. If one strategy is not working try another.
  24. Pick a theme/topic – picking a theme or topic can help guide you and bring a sense of focus.
  25. Exercise daily – it is very vital to stay active and to take care of your mental wellbeing as well.
Here is a playlist from Spotify to help get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy!
A good talk led by Novelist, Amy Tan – Where does creativity hide?

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” Creativity takes Courage “

Henri Matisse

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