Dive in and get to know more about Kemilembe.

My name is Kemilembe Mugangala, but people call me Kemi. I am from Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

Who is Kemilembe? A passionate creative who has had the opportunity, privilege and exposure to reach where I am today. I love all things creative and social media. I love to produce content with an impact. Content that is creative but is still able to translate a message to the viewer.

My creative journey started as early as Kindergarten, when my mother and I ran an after school newspaper club. Although, I had no full idea what I was doing at the time, I definitely loved creating and taking pictures. I would spend my time on Microsoft (2003) and play around with Word Art, and my aunt bought my first disposable camera in first grade.

Having experience with softwares such as Adobe Suite, iMovie, Canva and more. I am always looking for more ways to expand on my current knowledge and to hone my skills. Furthermore I look forward to learning from others, and meeting new people that lead to long lasting bonds.

Watch this video to get to know more about me.

If I am not busy creating content, I am also a musician in my spare time. In addition to going to school, I was also enrolled in a music school called the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) in England. I was also a choir girl growing up singing in both church and school.

Furthermore, you can either find me somewhere around the world exploring, cooking or baking something in the kitchen, or probably just busting a random dance move.

Please feel free to reach out to me. I love to connect with new people and would love to hear what your story is all about.

with love,